Tree Root Grinding Service in Kansas City

Are you looking for a tree root grinding service?  Root grinding is one of the popular tree stump services we offer at KC StumpBusters, and we some powerful equipment to get your job done right!

Tree Root Grinder Equipment

When you go with KC StumpBusters, you are relying on a team of tree removal specialists.  For over 30 years, we have been helping residents in the Greater Kansas City area get rid of ugly tree stumps and roots from their lawns– and now we’re ready to serve you!  Just to give you an idea for how we can totally eliminate tree roots and stumps from your yard, check out the video to review the powerful equipment, and expert team we employ to remove the tree roots for you.

Now, can you imagine a root grinding project that KC StumpBusters wouldn’t be able to handle?  We ain’t afraid of no stumps (nor tree roots)!  That’s why we specialize in tree root grinding to help local residents maintain a beautiful lawn.

Tree Root Grinding Benefits

There are many benefits to removing tree roots with the root grinding method.  Besides the fact that removing tree roots ensure your lawn remains beautiful and safe (by eliminating the risks of tripping and falling), there are several other benefits to tree root grinding, including:

  • It is an environmentally safe method to remove a root while also protecting the surrounding environment.
  • Some types of tree roots (e.g. willows, elms, maples, etc) require an approach, like, root grinding due to the potential risk of the roots uprooting in other portions of your yard.
  • If roots aren’t removed, they can keep growing and might require you to constantly remove the uprooted roots!

These are just a few of the many benefits why tree root grinding might be the perfect solution for the roots on your property!

Tree Root Removal Cost

Are you wondering what might be the cost involved with tree root grinding and removal?  Root grinding services cost anywhere from $100 to several hundred dollars, depending on the root/s.  Check out our pricing chart for stump grinding service to get an idea of the costs involved.  Of course, we can offer you a more accurate estimate when you call us.