When you’re looking to get rid of tree stumps in your yard, you need to find a tree stump grinding company you can trust!  At KC StumpBusters, we have the best stump grinder and the right team to help you remove stumps and employ stump grinding services to ensure your property looks better than before!  To discover how our stump grinding company can serve your needs, check out the video below.

About KC StumpBusters

At KC StumpBusters, our job focuses on removing tree stumps from your property.  Whether you want to remove a tree stump or hire us for stump grinding, we can help you.  With over 30 years helping residents in the Greater Kansas City area remove stumps from their properties, we are sure you will be happy with the results when you go through KC StumpBusters!

Local Arborist

We understand you have options when you’re choosing the right right stump grinding company for your job, but did you know that we are tree arborists by trade?  For many years, we have been helping Kansas City residents not only remove tree stumps, but we have also helped residents care for the trees on their property with other tree servicing needs.  Before you choose which local stump grinding company is right for your job, we challenge you to consider using the local arborist that will take a hollistic perspective in ensuring your property is in a better condition after we have left the premises than before we started the job!

KC StumpBusters is a stand alone division of HTC which has been taking care of trees for over thirty years in the Kansas City Area. Our reputation is built on trust. We have your best interest in mind.