When is it OK to Cut Down a Healthy Tree?

And not feel guilty?

OK, up front, I’m going to say this is not always a popular decision among tree lovers (like myself) but yep, sometimes even perfectly healthy, viable and stable trees need to be cut down.  The reasons are varied and many; sometimes out of necessity and other times out of preference but come down, they do – so best be informed beforehand.  Which leads me to this:  please, please before you make that decision to cut down a healthy tree, call a tree care professional.  They’ll give you the straight scoop.  They’ll advise if it’s truly necessary to take down the entire tree for your project or if a limb removal is a better option.  They’ll advise you on the physical impact of other trees in the area or simply help you make a decision that you otherwise may later regret.  A good tree care professional absolutely understand that yes, sometimes even good trees have to go.