Plan Ahead

Everything Affects Everything


5328972_orig​​Are you building in a new space with old growth trees, demolishing an existing building, adding on, designing a new space, rearranging an existing landscape?

When you get to the part that involves trees, Call KC StumpBusters.  We can help.  We can save you time, save a beloved tree you thought may have to “go” for the good of that new addition or patio.  But most of all we can save you time and peace of mind knowing we’re here and have your back.



Normally stumps are dug 6-8 inches below grade but if there are obstacles buried nearby, serious safety issues could ensue. When planning for stump removal, you should know these things:​​sprinkler systems, underground pet fences, electric, gas or utility lines can cause many obvious issues if they are struck, cut or damaged.

Make sure you relay this information in advance to our office. Location services are sometimes necessary to protect our crew and our clients from possible harm.


What’s on Top?

​If you’re going “Zen” and planting a serene green space of grass or flowers, a shallow bed will suffice. Planting another tree in the same spot, however, will translate to a much more involved process of deeper and wider excavation. Time and expenses will increase depending on the size and age of the tree, the root system, and what’s going to be planted on top.


Consider your Plan

Determine which of our four below methods you require for your particular situation:
We can leave the mess without clean-up.
Rake chips into a single pile on top of the stump.
Place all the chips neatly leveled into the hole. Clean up and remove all chips leaving the hole emptied and ready for topsoil.