Stump Grinding

Do it Yourself, or Not

Can You Do It Yourself?

You may be able to remove the stump, but “easily” may not apply.
Some questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the size of the stump and the root system?
  • Is the stump on an incline?
  • Are you confident you have the experience, knowledge and physical ability to safely remove the stump?
  • What is buried beneath such as cables, utilities, lines, etc.?
  • What do you want to do with the space after removal?
  • How many stumps do you want to remove?
  • How much time will it take you to remove the stump(s)?

What You’ll Need

Recommended equipment includes the below:

  • Chainsaw, limbing saw, pick mattock, digging bar, ax, four wheel drive truck, heavy duty chain, log grinder, protective gear, goggles, shovel, wheelbarrow, hose or power washer, chipper – and of course, the grinder ( 1,000 pound machine can be rather unwieldy to handle, especially on an incline)
  • Rental for the grinder alone will vary from approximately $100- $200 per day (single day)
  • Rental for a chipper varies from $200 + per day

Is Chemical Removal An Option?

Experience tells us that chemical stump removal rarely works well and there is no quick cure to rid stumps via chemicals. Can you do it yourself? Yes, and here is the low-down:

  • Use a chain saw to cut the tree as far down as possible
  • Drill multiple holes (with 8-12” specialty drill bits)
    Pour liberal amounts of potassium nitrate into the drilled holes
  • Fill the holes with water
  • WAIT (patience, patience) 4-6 weeks, then use an ax to break up the stump (If you’re not a body builder, you may consider working out in advance)
  • Sometimes you’ll need to repeat the process several times over a course of several months

Is Burning An Option?

You be the judge. The method used is this:
Saturate the stump with a flammable liquid such as fuel or kerosene, allow it to sit for a week or so. Ignite the stump, burn and let smolder until it’s gone.
It’s possible you may need to repeat this process as necessary.

NOTE: Please do not leave burning objects unattended. Have a nice lawn chair, some good reading material and a hose nearby – along with your cell phone in case you need to call 911.

All things considered, we can say with great honesty that unless you’re one of those people who enjoy a challenge, have unlimited time on your hands and are not concerned about saving time and money, Stump Removal is something a reputable Tree Company can do much more efficiently. We advise you keep the lawn chair, the good reading and relax while we do the job.